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Wedding Reception Decor

Denver Limo Services has provided transportation service for all kinds of events, from truly stellar parties with hundreds of guests, to smaller intimate get togethers for sixteen or less people. We understand that the smaller parties are sometimes the bigger ones in terms of memories, and that it really doesn't matter how luxurious the gala is, it's all about the people you are with and the great time that you have together. Of course, travelling together in the same vehicle is the best way to enjoy each other's company on the ride to the venue (or venues!) and back home or to your place of business. And that's exactly what Denver Limo Services specializes in. We hope that you'll take advantage of our transportation services for all your gatherings this year, large or small, personal or business!

Some of our most popular events include weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and anniversary parties! It seems that everyone wants to celebrate love here in Denver, and when it's your turn to do so, we hope that you'll think of us first for your transportation needs. We offer specialized transportation packages, especially for weddings, that feature bottles of champagne, bottled water, just married signs, red carpet service, and more. These packages may include more or less perks depending on the time of year and availability of the items, so give us a call for complete details. We think you'll be very pleased with our features!

We are also very popular for teen events such as proms, sweet sixteen birthday parties, and graduation parties! If you've got teenagers in your life, you're certainly concerned about distracted driving, texting while driving, and even drunk driving. Even if your teens are perfectly behaved, you can't guarantee that their friends always are, especially on those most exciting nights of a teenager's life, like prom night. You don't want your teen stuck in a car with a drunk teen driver. Letting our professional chauffeurs take care of the transportation is one way to keep a little more control over the situation. Of course no alcohol is allowed on our limousines when it's an "under 21" party, but you can stock the bar with plenty of their favorite sports drinks and soft drinks, plus snacks! It's the best time on the road that your teens can have, especially with the DTVs, DVD players, and high quality audio system!

Many of our clients make use of our services for birthdays and family reunions, or just for club hopping, bar crawls, and pub crawls! Others make an escape to a resort for the weekend and make use of our services the entire time, or simply for pickup and dropoff services to save more money. You really can customize our services to fit your particular needs, and we are always willing to work with you to make your day on the road (or your night on the road!) a very special one. Give Denver Limo Services a call for more info, and let us put together a customized transportation package that you will not soon forget! Check out our buttons below for more information on some of the events we mentioned above!

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