Pub Crawls in Denver


A bar crawl in Denver

Get ready to get wild!

If you're looking to have a great time with your closest friend and you're not quite sure on what you can do, don't fret! Many people in the Denver area choose to participate in bar or pub crawls, as they're more traditionally named. In short, a pub crawl is simply a tour of server bars or pubs with one or more drinks in each. In essence, it's a short visit to a bar or pub and then everyone packs up and it is on to the next one! Interestingly enough, these are one of the most popular events that we provide limo service for other than weddings and bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Pub crawls are enjoyable because they give off a care free feeling and they allow patrons and participants in the event to absorb many different types of bars, pubs, and facilities. Everybody has different different tastes so while one person may enjoy a Denver dance club, another might hate it. One person might enjoy a Denver dive bar, the next might thrive for something more lively. The reason pub crawls are so great is that participants can enjoy a wide variety of establishments with little worry about if they happen to enter a place that isn't exactly the style in which they feel most comfortable.

A couple of places to consider

Cherry Cricket

2641 E 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80206
(303) 322-7666

Cherry Cricket boasts the fact that they offer the best hamburgers in all of Denver and even the country. They make all of their burgers out of fresh beef that is absolutely, under no circumstances, ever frozen. The beauty of why Cherry Cricket is a great choice for a bar crawl is because they offer a whopping 22 beers on top and on top of that they offer another 40+ beers in a bottle. Cherry Cricket has been in business since 1945 so there's no mystery as to why this bar is one of our top choices for Denver bar crawls of all sizes. This is a must-visit if you're taking part in a bar crawl. Our tip is to visit it later in the evening so you can enjoy one of their burgers midway through the night. There's no better food than food you eat after having a few beers.

Wash Park Sports Alley

266B S Downing Denver, CO 80209
(303) 635-6691

As we mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs above, some people prefer sports bars. Wash Park Sports Alley is exactly that; a sports bar. Not only is just a sports bar but it's one of the most popular sports bars in all of Denver. Wash Park Sports Alley features a large local selection of beer and a menu of fairly typical sports bar styled food. They offer 25 HD TVs so if there's a big game on the night of your bar crawl, you can be confident in knowing that you will not miss one second of the action. They also offer such fun events of pool, foosball, beer pong, arcades, and even juke boxes. That means you'll be able to stop in, have a beer and even play a game or two of pool! This truly is a great stop for bar crawls of any size.

All in all, bar crawls a great way to spend some time with your friends. Arriving in a limo makes them even more fun because you'll arrive at each destination in style. The night will be a blast and you'll get to an from every location safely and in style. So sit back, enjoy the ride, and have some fun in your Denver bar crawl.