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Some of our favorite places

Elote's Cafe

2600 East St - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (720) 638-3380

When your travels with Denver Limo Services bring you to the Golden area, one of the best places you could ever stop in to is the Latin American cafe that is Elote's! The Venezuelan food that is served here is both traditional and reasonably priced, and served in nice portions as well! For dessert, don't miss the coconut and banana cakes!


1207 Washington Ave - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (303) 279-8020

D'deli is Denver Limo Services' favorite place for deli sandwiches in the Golden area! The corned buffalo with blue cheese is a really standout item that we don't think anyone could ever resist! The lines can be long here, so make sure that you call ahead for your order for your Denver Limo Services group! You'll be glad you did.

Bob's Atomic Burgers

1310 Ford St - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (303) 278-1601

Burger lovers who travel frequently with Denver Limo Services in the Golden, CO area know that they can always rely on Bob's Atomic Burgers for a filling and affordable meal! The double burger is our favorite way to go here, and we love to pair that with a thick shake of any flavor and of course some onion petals! Great sweet potato fries too!

El Callejon

1205 Washington Ave - Golden, CO 80403 - Phone number (303) 278-6366

El Callejon is an essential if you love Latin American food. The spinach and mushroom pupusas are one of our top recommendations on the menu an dwe're jus tin love with the green chile and cheese ones too. The coconut lemonade is a must-have, especially on those hot summer days when you want something icy to cool down!

Urban Backyard

266B S Downing Denver, CO 80209
(303) 635-6691

Urban Backyard is one of our favorite bars in the Golden area, really packed with plenty for our Denver Limo Services customers to do, including watching the game on TV, grooving to some good music, or even shooting pool. Of course, you'll also be plenty busy stuffing your face full of delicious wings and burgers! Mmm!

Woody's Wood-Fired Pizza & Watering Hole

1305 Washington Ave - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (303) 277-0443

Woody's Wood-Fired Pizza & Watering Hole is an absolutely ideal bar and restaurant where you can get your fill of yummy bar fare like pizza and burgers, but of course the wood-fired pizza is really where it's at, as the name suggests! Wonderful beer cheese soup here as well, and an awesome salad bar to boot!

Sherpa House

1518 Washington Ave - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (303) 278-7939

Sherpa House has all of your favorite Indian fare, with a distinct leaning toward the Himalayan and Nepalese areas, and you will just fall in love with their lunch buffet! We highly recommend noshing on their naan and of course digging in to some amazingly flavorful chicken tikka masala! The service is exceptional here. Online reservations too!

Amira Grill

103 N Rubey Dr - Golden, CO 80403 - Phone number (303) 278-1011

The Lebanese food at Amira Grill really shines! This is not a huge place, with seating for just a little over two dozen guests, but that might be just right for your Denver Limo Services group if you call ahead and make sure! The chicken shawarma is our favorite thing here and you just won't believe the intense flavor. Excellent service!

La Casa Alba

715 Washington Ave - Golden, CO 80401 - Phone number (720) 289-4647

La Casa Alba is the place to get delish Mexican food in the Golden area! The breakfast burritos are the most beloved item here and there is just no better way to start the day when you're out here early in the AM hours with Denver Limo Services! Their burritos and enchiladas are excellent and we are hooked on their beans and rice!

Bonfire Burritos

266B S Downing Denver, CO 80209
(303) 635-6691

Bonfire Burritos is just a little burrito stand in Golden where you can pull up with your Denver Limo Services crew and get some great burritos while on the go! You can nosh on the spot or head back into the Denver Limo Services vehicle and eat while you cruise. These are some of the best tasting burritos in town, so do not miss it!

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