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Some of our favorite places

Bird Dog BBQ

6965 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Fountain, CO 80915
(719) 573-7671

Voted the best barbecue in the area, why not check this place out and see for yourself. There is something different about the food here, something that takes it up a notch and we think its the cooking techniques, the house-made gluten free sauces and the passion with which the kitchen staff handles the ingredients. Whatever the reasons, you are going to love the final product. Whats more, the servers are very helpful and attentive.


8065 Fountain Mesa Rd, Fountain, CO 80817-1591
(719) 466-8686

Homemade is the word of the day at this consistently good restaurant. The hamburgers are absolutely out of this world in terms of taste and texture. But the real winner here is the fresh frozen custard. It is the perfect treat to finish your experience here. The servers are very attentive which means a lot when you don't want to run out of anything. It is the details that add up to a satisfying experience and those are taken care of here.

Borriello Brothers NY Pizza

5180 Fontaine Blvd, Fountain, CO 80817-1055
(719) 884-2020

Decent pizza is one thing but great pizza is worth waiting for. and waiting is something you might have to do here because many people have caught on to how great the pizza is. There is a very simple reason for why the pizza is as good as it is and that reason is exceptional and fresh ingredients. And the original New York recipes just can't be beat. You need to put this place at the top of your go to pizza locations.

Dragon King Chinese Restaurant

6867 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Fountain, CO 80817-1544
(719) 382-3023

Fresh and well seasoned are a huge part of the description that applies to the food that comes out of this kitchen. You have to order either the King Pao Chicken or General Tsos, they are both outstanding. Keep in mind that you don't visit this place because of an amazing ambiance or exceptional elegance, you go here because the food they serve is tasty and very satisfying. You will not be disappointed that we can assure you.

Coke's Diner

311 N Santa Fe Ave, Fountain, CO 80817-1932
(719) 382-4100

With how crazy each day can be, don't you need a place you can visit where you can actually relax and let go of the tension for awhile. This down home location is just that kind of place. The diner atmosphere here is so cozy and the staff will make you feel at home in every way possible. The prices are reasonable and the menu varied. We highly recommend the chili burger, it is tasty and will leave you satisfied. Don't miss this special gem.

Colorado Smokehouse

6679 Camden Blvd, Fountain, CO 80817-2505
(719) 651-1453

Once you are inside of this location, you will immediately feel like it fits like a glove. You will begin to breathe easy as you realize that everyone on staff here has your best interests at heart. And the barbeque is some of the best that you will find anywhere. There are multiple meats available to you on the menu and the sauces are out of this world tasty. Check out the burnt ends, they will absolutely knock your socks off.

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